Lomba Online : Erlangga English Speech Contest 2013 Dare to Speak (SMA/MA) - Hadiah Rp. 5 Juta deadline 30 September 2013

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Lomba Online : Erlangga English Speech Contest 2013 Dare to Speak (SMA/MA) - Hadiah Rp. 5 Juta deadline 30 September 2013


1. The bad impacts of using cellphone
2. Should the government conduct the national examination or not?
3. What do you mean by a good leader?
4. Stop being an abstainer in the General Election
5. The negative effects of cramming

Qualifications and Registration
1. Participants are students of Senior High School (SMA/MA).
2. Participants have to complete the registration form and send it back to the committee of Erlangga English Speech Contest 2013.
3. Participants can visit www.erlangga.co.id to download the registration form or to fill out the online registration.
4. Adjudicators’ decision is final.
5. Participants are ready to deliver their speech at Penerbit Erlangga branch office for the preliminary (choose one topic).
6. No registration fee is required.
7. Registration will be closed on 30 September 2013.
8. This contest is only open for non-native English Speaking Participants.

1. First Place Rp. 5 Million + School Development Funds
2. Second Place Rp. 4 Miliion + School Development Funds
3. Third Place Rp. 3 Million + School Development Funds

For more information, please contact:
Marketing Nasional Department
Penerbit Erlangga
(021) 8717006 ext. 158/228

sumber : http://erlangga.co.id/current-event/7588-erlangga-english-speech-contest-2013-dare-to-speak-smama.html

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